Friday, December 10, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Pain"

Spoiler Level: High

You know, with a title like "Pain," I wasn't expecting a fun episode of happy sing-a-longs, so I can't honestly say I'm surprised with what we got in this episode.  But I tend to not like it when the show gets raunchy and/or gory, and this episode had some big servings of both.

It is however a good character episode, as bugs infect several of the characters and cause them to hallucinate.  And we're let in on the fact they're hallucinations right off the bat when Lt. James kills Scott before the opening title card.

Each hallucination gives us some insight into the characters, but I can't say that we really learn anything new here; we know that Chloe misses her dad, Scott misses his son, and Rush is traumatized by being captured by aliens.  I wasn't aware that Lt. James had a thing for Scott, but I have to chalk that up to my having a bad memory-- her hallucination implied they had something already, and I do remember there being a sex scene in the pilot, so I'm guessing that was between the two of them.  And we learn that Volker is claustrophobic.  Which is kind of a surprise, because they'd already set up that Greer was claustrophobic a few episodes ago, but apparently he's more afraid of the civilians taking over the ship again.

I did like the way that Rush's and Greer's hallucinations were overlapping, that was pretty cool.

Thanks again to krissiecaps for the screen capture!

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greatplaidmoose said...

Yeah Scott and James were the two getting it on in the pilot episode.