Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Sabotage"

Spoiler Level: High

I like Lt. James.  She's hot.

Other things I liked about this episode:

* Rush continues to be changed by his experience.  He's still abrasive, but it comes across more as stress over their situations and his inability to change it instead of "get out of my way, you're preventing me from running the ship properly, and by the way I should really be in charge here."

* Finally, someone brings up the ethical issue of having sex while they're in someone else's body.  It was practically a throw-away line, but at least it was mentioned.  Everyone's been so cavalier about it in the past, it really struck me as disrespectful to the hosts.

* Greer and Scott both having nothing but happiness and surprise at finding each other alive.  Some angst and trust issues may arrive in later episodes when things get tight, but at this moment they're just happy they all made it.

* They used one of those robots they found!  I like robots.  Plus, anything where they learn more about the ship makes me happy.

I feel as if SGU has turned a corner.  It still doesn't have the traditional Stargate sense of humor and is very nuBSG-esque, but the storytelling has become enjoyable to watch.

And as always, thanks to KrissieCaps for the screen capture!


greatplaidmoose said...

I'm glad you're liking it more. I thought you had stopped watching at exactly the wrong time but I understood why.

Lt. James is awesome! I'm always distracted when she's on screen and not wearing her jacket. I can't see why Scott passed her over for Chloe who's cute but I think she would actually be better suited for Eli who's gotten the typical "I just see you as a friend" deal from her because he waited too long to express his interest.

greatplaidmoose said...

Oh and the sex thing was something I've thought about as well. I mean I feel bad the characters are separated from their loved ones too but unless the host consents I think its really immoral for them to be using their bodies that way without permission and there's no indication in any of the scenarios that permission was given.

Fer said...

Perhaps when the Air Force discusses the terms with the people volunteering to be hosts, they say that conjugal visits are part of the deal?

I suspect that Scott & James might have had a "friends with benefits" situation on Icarus Base, but now he's falling in love with Chloe. And yeah, Eli does seem like the more obvious fit, but I'm sure she'd say there's no spark or something similar.

And incidentally, when I check the blog stats, the image of Lt. James I posted here is becoming one of the site's more popular draws!