Friday, December 17, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Subversion"

Spoiler Level: High

This is the first time we've seen Lou Diamond Phillips in this half of the season.  I hadn't really minded, because I wasn't really in to the whole subplot of Young and his wife both cheating on each other, and that seemed to be pretty much all his character, Col. Telford, was really contributing to the show.  But like most things about the second half of SGU's first season, now he's started to get interesting.

While Young has to wonder whether Telford's actually been brainwashed by the Lucian Alliance or whether Rush is up to his old tricks, as the viewer my question was more of whether or not Rush had understood his dream correctly or if there was going to be some twist.  If the whole thing had turned out to be a stunt by Rush for an ulterior motive then I would have been severely disappointed, because it would have meant the character had taken a major step backwards.

I always enjoy getting to see SG-1 characters on SGU, so it's nice to have both Daniel and O'Neill guest star in the same episode.  I also like that O'Neill tries to be the same witty smart-alec he always ways, although with SGU's tone it tends to not quite come across right.  However I did get an extra laugh this time when he pulled one of his one-liners and both Young and Telford just stared at him.

One question, though;  let's just say that Rush succeeds in getting the 9th Chevron to work and the Lucian Alliance does get to try and invade the Destiny.  (Which, considering the next two episodes are called "Incursion," is extremely likely.)  The Lucian Alliance still can't get back any more than the Icarus Base team can.  So what do they gain out of it?

And lastly, I can't let this review go without acknowledging the announcement that SGU has been canceled.  I have to say, I'm surprised and even a bit disappointed.  Surprised because I kept seeing that the show was very high in DVR and online viewing, so I thought it had been considered a success;  Disappointed partially because I'm finally enjoying it, but mostly because the decision was made after they wrapped filming on Season 2, which means there may not be a wrap-up to this series.  I know that Stargate has been good about making direct-to-video movies, but that was for SG-1 and Atlantis, which both were considered successful-- would they be willing to do that for a canceled series?

This also means that for the first time since the Sci-Fi Channel came on the air, they're not running anything I'm interested in.

As always, a special thank you to krissiecaps for the screen capture!

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