Sunday, May 22, 2011

Primeval - Series 1, Episode 5

Spoiler Level: High

Another enjoyable episode, even if it did defy logic a few times.

Connor neglectfully leaves a window open, so Rex escapes.  Luckily for him, Rex decides to stay close to him and stows away in his car. It's one of those "Oh, what a bonehead!" moments that you can relate to, which helps you forgive him.

However when the giant Pteranodon then swoops down for him and Stephen yells "Make for the trees!!" but instead Connor makes a straight line down the wide open field, you lose a bit of sympathy and can't really be too sorry for him if he winds up as Dino Chow.  But he doesn't.

Similarly, when Claudia slips in the blood which makes the Anurognathus flock chase her, she asks Nick if she has any blood on her. He tells her to take of her shirt, but the majority of the blood is on her pants!  And where did all the extra blood stains on the undershirt come from later?  It didn't really make a whole lot of sense.

Those nitpicks aside, the story was fun.  It's nice to see Connor and Abby growing closer, and Nick is putting himself in an unusual position by falling in love with Claudia while his wife keeps popping back up.  (Although I think he mentioned at one point that Helen was declared dead, which technically makes him single again.) For a second I thought we might not see Helen this episode, but she was nice enough to help out Claudia.  And the effects of the Pteranodon were especially cool.

All in all, a much more enjoyable hour than SGU's been.  ;P

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