Friday, May 27, 2011

Primeval - Series 1, Episode 6

Spoiler Level: High

A very cool episode, as the stakes are upped and we get some wonderful timey- wimey goodness. The latest Anomaly incursion is not from the past, but from the future! And the future doesn't look too bright, since it's got giant killer intelligent bat-monkeys.

I question the wisdom of burying the killed soldiers in the past.  Why not bring their bodies back through the anomaly and bury them in their own time?  The obvious answer is because this way they've created the encampment they found, giving us a cool time loop.  Which I have to confess is cool, but it nags at me that it has to defy common sense to happen. It would make more sense if the Anomaly closed, the team had to spend a few weeks or months or years (or even just days) in the past so they would have to bury their dead, then the Anomaly to get home opens up so they jump at the chance to get through it and abandon their equipment.

I'm also curious how the few baby bat-monkeys escaping into the past has affected the timeline so much that Claudia is no longer there.  I'm assuming it's a consequence of something larger having happened to the timeline, which we'll find out about in the next episode.  (Or I'll find out about, anyway, since I'm years behind on the show. You probably already know.) It's interesting that Claudia started seeing her reflection as an Anomaly before the timeline was changed.  Maybe the timeline change was meant to happen?

And speaking of Claudia, I rather liked the character development this episode.  As I said in my last Primeval review, at most Helen may have been declared dead thus making Nick single, and at the very least Nick & Helen can definitely be considered to be separated at this point, so I have no real issue with Nick & Claudia falling in love.  The look Nick shoots Helen after Claudia kisses him goodbye is great.  "See?  I've moved on.  You want to leave me for eight years, I'm not going to sit around pining for you forever." And then Helen's got to be all bitchy and throw out that she & Stephen had an affair before she left. 

Which should make me think less of Stephen, but the poor guy's so bland that all I can think is that it finally gives his character a little depth.  He's Nick's loyal right-hand man and the object of Abby's affections, but that's been pretty much it.  Now his loyalty makes a bit more sense; it could have been out of guilt.  His explanation that telling Nick what happened after she disappeared just seamed pointless does make sense.

So all in all, a great debut season.  Looking forward to finding out more about the new timeline next episode!

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