Monday, May 9, 2011

Smallville - ''Dominion''

Spoiler Level: Highish

See, now this is why I still don't feel like I can watch Smallville with my 11-year-old daughter in the room.  This episode had a lot of blood.

Slade Wilson has turned up back in the outside world (so we're told-- we never see him), so Ollie comes back to join Clark in the Phantom Zone to figure out how he escaped.  While there, we learn that the spirit of the original General Zod has merged with the body of the clone Major Zod, so now he's just one Zod with a whole lotta hate.  That may sound a bit convoluted, but it actually works quite well for me.  And apparently Darkseid has given Zod the power to rule the Phantom Zone. So Zod spends his time making the inhabitants of the Phantom Zone fight each other to the death for his entertainment.

I'm glad to see Ollie back, because I felt the show was always stronger with him.  It's also nice to see they haven't forgotten about him being Omega marked by Darkseid, and used it to the full extent here by giving us a reason to believe that Ollie might have really been turned against Clark.  The reference to Orion having defeated Darkseid was also very nice, and finally getting Clark into a red cape was fantastic.

Sadly, showing so much blood and so many gruesome details during the combat (such as the blade coming out of Clark's back) really turned me off.  It just felt over the top and really unnecessary.

Lois pulling a gun on Tess also seemed a bit out of place; did she really need to go that far to get Tess to agree with her? Since Lois wasn't able to keep Tess at gunpoint for three weeks and Tess and Lois willingly  took shifts, I'd say obviously not.

Thanks as always to Home of the Nutty for the screen capture!

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American Narada said...

I only ever watched SMALLVILLE's second season. I enjoyed it; then season three lost me. I'm still curious about the series, though, so thanks for keeping me filled in. :-)

And... um... your daughter's 11?? I remember when she was born!

~ Old Man Cass

Fer said...

Yeah, it's amazing how time flies, isn't it?

Glad you've been enjoying the reviews! I loved your Friendly Neighborhood Cass-Man post. Great job, man!!

American Narada said...
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American Narada said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fer; I appreciate it. I hope it made you laugh. True story, but presented as an Onion-esque article; not sure if I succeeded.