Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tiger & Bunny - ''Fire Is a Good Servant But a Bad Master''

Spoiler Level: High

Another good character episode, this time focusing on Fire Emblem as he's accused of murdering some bad guys in jail.  They bad guys were talking about how fun it is to murder hostages in general and child hostages in specific, so it's hard to feel any sympathy for them, yet Kotetsu manages to. It's that kind of value for all human life that makes Kotetsu a hero.

Even though we saw none of Hero TV this episode, it's still a very satisfying episode, as we see elements from the previous episodes are starting to come together. The criminals who were killed were from the first episode, Kotetsu recognizes an assassin (in a very cool piece of mecha) as the same guy who planted the bomb in episode 3, and somehow it all seems tied to the organization that killed Barnaby's parents.  So while I may be a bit disappointed that the show has lost some of the edge that makes it different, it's still a well-written show and holding my interest.

(Although it hasn't completely lost the reality show edge-- at one point, Barnaby is content to let Kotetsu take the lead after the assassin, because there are no cameras around and no points to be awarded.  It's little touches like that that keep the concept alive.)

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