Sunday, May 29, 2011

Any requests?

I've decided I'm going to scale things back a bit.  I've been posting an average of one review a day for the last six months now, and while that's been fun, it's getting to be a bit exhausting reviewing everything I watch. (Plus the laundry keeps backing up.  You'd be amazed how cranky people get when they don't have clean underwear.  I keep telling them, just turn them inside out, then they're good for five more days, but that doesn't seem to satisfy them.)  So I've decided to only dedicate myself to continue the posts I've been having the most fun writing:  Doctor Who, K9, Star Trek, movies and books. I'll probably still do the occasional review of other stuff as it strikes me, I'm just not dedicating myself to reviewing every single episode of everything.

That is, of course, unless you want me to.

I'm grateful to each and every one of my nine loyal readers (and yes, I'm counting you too Evan-- Scott Gordon is a second account for one of the other eight, which brings me back to nine), and if there's a specific series I've been reviewing that you've been enjoying reading about, I'd be willing to keep doing that one too.  The thing is, when I check my stats, the majority of the hits I get are for this picture:

1,948 hits out of 8,202 hits in May were for this picture. I don't have a clear idea of what people might be enjoying.  So if you'd like me to continue with my reviews of Primeval, Transformers, Tiger & Bunny, SGU or Survivors just leave a comment and let me know.  I live to serve.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to folding underwear.


American Narada said...

As long as you continue reviewing Star Trek TV, I'm a happy reader. I've enjoyed revisiting TNG with you, and anticipate your arrival at DS9. I also enjoy the Star Trek Prose reviews; keep those coming too.

On that note, a suggestion: Doctor Who Prose. I'd love to read your thoughts on the 90s' "New Adventures" featuring Doctor Seven, and the post-NAs featuring Doctor Eight.

One final "I wish": Now that Smallville is complete... have you ever considered rewatching Lois & Clark? I'd love to read your journey through that. :-)

greatplaidmoose said...

I like seeing your impressions of Survivors. I always find them to be an interesting read. And Doctor Who of course.

Fer said...

Rich> You got it! Survivors reviews will continue.

Evan> Glad you've been enjoying the Star Trek reviews! I'm looking forward to DS9 as well, as I think it's got the strongest narrative of all the Trek TV shows. I'm really looking forward to viewing it strictly on its own merits without having Babylon 5 running at the same time, which caused me to constantly compare the two when I first watched it.

As to Doctor Who Prose, I was really into the New Adventures when they started, and read just about everything up through Set Piece. I absolutely loved the Timewyrm series, Mark Gatiss's Nightshade, Andy Lane's All Consuming Fire, and anything written by Paul Cornell. After All Consuming Fire I actually started reading Sherlock Holmes books! I think somewhere around Lucifer Rising I was feeling the Doctor's manipulations and seeing people as pawns to destroy evil with was getting too overwhelming, and I was ready for him to regenerate. That might be partly why I fell away from them, but I think it also had to do with moving away from the Philadelphia area back to Pittsburgh, where Doctor Who was MUCH less popular so the books were harder to find, and our starting up the anime business which didn't leave me with much reading time.

I'm sad to say I have never read any Paul McGann novels. Rich bought me a few that cover the Faction Paradox story arc, so I do intend to read those at some point. I absolutely love McGann as a Doctor, and missing out on his books was more a question of not enough time than anything else.

I'd love to go back to the New Adventures and finish them up, and even just read more DW books in general, but the Star Trek and Star Wars books seem to take up most of my reading time. But I have a lot of unread Doctor Who books, so I'm sure I'll be reading more of them someday.

As to Lois & Clark, the idea of watching those again actually did cross my mind once Smallville ended. I was so frustrated with them not giving us a good look at Tom Welling in costume in the finale that I thought it might be nice to watch a Superman show where they weren't afraid of the tights. But to be honest I don't think I've got room in my TV schedule for it right now, since WB's replacing Smallville with a show based on Raven in the fall, and I'm planning on giving that show a chance. I'm hoping that it'll use a lot of the Teen Titans mythology in the same way that Smallville used the Superman mythology. If it gets canceled I'll consider going back to Lois 7 Clark for my superhero fix. ;)

Thanks for the great comments! I'm glad you guys have been enjoying the reviews!

American Narada said...

I rewatched the whole of L&C:TNAOS a few months ago... it held up surprisingly well, especially seasons 1 & 2; seasons 3 & 4 were still good, but not as charmingly "grounded." Love the romantic arc, the gloriously maddening cliffhangers, and the focus on character over costume. And all wrapped in pitch-perfect synergetic core casting... Easily my favorite film version of the "Superman" mythos, bar none.