Sunday, May 15, 2011

Survivors - ''Gone Away''

Spoiler Level: Medium

Things continue to come together as Abby, Greg and Jenny find each other and team up.  Even the wandering vagrant from the previous two episodes shows up at Abby's camp.  Every time I think he's done his bit and is gone for good, he shows up again in the next episode.  Now I'm expecting to see him again, so I probably won't.

Abby's group attempt to forage some groceries, only to find that the grocery store has been "claimed" by the militant group that Abby ran into in the previous episode, and they consider anyone who isn't a member of their group a looter. Wanting no part of them or their tactics, Abby argues that she has as much right to the food there as they do.  The result is a power struggle, with the obvious balance-tipper being whoever holds the guns holds the power.

What keeps it from being a total downer is Abby's optimism.  Even when she's becoming disenchanted with humanity itself, it's because she just assumed everyone would want to work together, that the plague had made everyone equal.  Even while she's becoming discouraged at how people are behaving, she's still inspiring people like Jenny and Greg, who are starting to see her as a leader-- the kind that people choose to follow out of trust and loyalty as opposed to the kind people feel forced to follow out of fear.  It's a ray of hope and optimism in the bleakest landscape possible.

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