Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tiger & Bunny - ''Go for Broke!''

Spoiler Level: Kinda High.

Another episode where we examine how well Kotetsu and Barnaby are coming together as a team, which is to say not well.  Barnaby is fed up with Kotetsu (again), and Kotetsu can't stop himself from getting involved in Barnaby's personal life.  In this case, it's organizing a surprise party for Barnaby's birthday.

We also get a very cool villain, whose body covers itself in diamond armor.  (Didn't Marvel make that the White Queen's ability at some point?) We get some great fight sequences, and a lot of it is through Hero TV's lens, although they neglect to award points as events are going along this time.  Doc Saito also comes up with some cute little Tiger and Bunny icons on their armor, and we get a cool transformation sequence where we see how they suit up.

So while not earth-shattering, this show continues to be enjoyable and entertaining.

As of this writing, this episode (and all previous episodes!) are available to watch for free at Remember, new episodes debut the same day they air in Japan!

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