Saturday, October 30, 2010

K9 - "The Bounty Hunter"

Spoiler Level: Fairly Highish

Not the picture I wanted to use, but my computer's acting up and it's not letting me install the codecs I need to make a proper screen capture.  This will have to do.

Another good offering.  Darius is still a whiner, but the other characters have still been decent.  The "Bounty Hunter" in question is a man named Ahab, who I believe said he was from the year 500,000.  Apparently both he and the Jixon followed K9 through the time stream, which implies that K9 was not escaping Gallifrey and the Time War after all.  I figured the whole memory loss thing was simply because they weren't allowed to use the Doctor Who mythos, but it looks like it's actually being built up into its own story arc.  Which would also explain why K9 survived the Time War, if he left Gallifrey before it happened.  I wonder if they're allowed to use Leela?

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