Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Assassin"

Spoiler Level: High

Now again, while watching the episode I didn't think twice about this, but I guess with my memory it hadn't occurred to me that... um... to be honest, trying to even explain it makes my head spin, so instead I'll just quote what's posted on the episode guide  from

"In a chronological flow of events, the series begins with the action on Christophsis ("Cat and Mouse," "The Hidden Enemy"), which introduces Ahsoka to the Clone Wars ("The New Padawan," which was incorporated into feature film). Then, the kidnapping of Rotta the Hutt introduces Ziro the Hutt, and the movie ends with Ziro's incarceration. Many Season One and Season Two episodes then follow, with Season Two's trilogy of Boba Fett episodes introducing Aurra Sing into the storyline. The crashing of the Slave I leads the Jedi to mistakenly believe that Aurra is dead, until she surfaces in this episode, which brings back Ziro -- chronologically -- for the first time since his imprisonment. The story continues in the next Season Three episode, "Evil Plans", and Aurra will somehow be freed from captivity in time for Cad Bane's attack on the Senate in Season One's "Hostage Crisis." The drama surrounding Ziro and his freedom then picks up in "Hunt for Ziro," the ninth episode of this season."

I'm starting to think they're just writing whatever they feel like writing, irregardless of what they've already written, and then trying to figure out if they can put it all in some kind of order after the fact.

The episode itself was enjoyable.  I particularly liked the use of Yoda's theme for when Ahsoka went to talk to him, and Princess Leia's theme for Alderaan.

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