Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Corruption" and "The Academy"

Spoiler Level: High

"Return to Mandalore!  We now return you to our regularly scheduled Clone War, already in progress!"

Again, not that I minded the flashback episodes-- I'd like to emphasize that what I really minded was that I couldn't tell they were flashback episodes, which is more my problem than theirs-- but it's nice to be having the story moving "forwards" again.

We pick up where we left off at the end of the second season, on Mandalore, although there's nobody running around in Boba Fett armor this time.  Although the local police use a similar, lighter armor, which I really liked.

"Corruption" sets up that there is a lot of corruption on Mandalore, and the corruption runs so deep that someone corrupted at the top must also be corrupt.  Did I mention the corruption?  Maybe it just really stood out to me because it was both the title and the plot to the episode, but someone could have stood to use a thesaurus for the dialogue in this episode.  A quick shot over to thesaurus.com got me the following:
atrocity, decadence, degeneration, degradation, depravity, evil, immorality, impurity, infamy, iniquity, looseness, lubricity, perversion, profligacy, sinfulness, turpitude, vice, viciousness, vulgarity, wickedness
 Which is not to say that it wasn't a good episode. It was good to see Padmé in action, and I was surprised that they were talking like children had died from the tainted drink supply.

 And was it just me, or were they playing it that Duchess Satine was the one behind it all?  First she goes and has all the evidence burned, then she gets this odd "Haha, I got away with it!" smirk when Padmé leaves, and then she totally ignores the evidence that the Meddling Kids come to her with.  So was she a red herring, or was I just reading into it?

Oh, and speaking of the Meddling Kids, Cadet Korkie looked so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on why, and it was driving me nuts.  The accent kept making me think he must be reminding me of an actor from Doctor Who.  And then I went to get the images for this blog, and it hit me right away:

He's Conan O'Brien.
This also totally confirms my suspicion that Peter Lorre had a cameo in "Sphere of Influence"...

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