Friday, October 8, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Sphere of Influence"

Spoiler Level: Medium

An Ahsoka solo story, as Ahsoka helps her friend Riyo Churchi, who's the Ambassador from Pantora ( and who's kinda cute for being an animated character).  The pair are out to rescue the daughters of Pantora's Chairman.  And yes, the Chairman and his family are all modeled after George Lucas and his real life family, who apparently had a cameo as these characters in Episode III.  So that's kinda' cool.

And that other character in the picture isn't just any old Rodian, it's Greedo himself!  Which I really liked.  But, this being Clone Wars, they have him speaking Basic, which I really don't like.

And once again, this episode is not in the "now;" it takes place prior to episode 37 (Season 2, Episode 15).  And once again I had no idea until I read it on the Clone Wars website.  However, once again this episode also mentions how the Trade Federation is still a part of the Republic, and that Nute Gunray has gone rogue in being a part of the Separatists. Hmmm.  Maybe all these "flashback" episodes are leading up to something?

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