Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smallville - "Lazarus"

Spoiler Level: High

Well, that was a bit of a mess.  Was it just me, or did they cram a million different things into one episode?  (Seriously, it might have been just me, I was up pretty early when I watched it.)

The costume:  Ahh, we get to see it.  And it's the current Superman Returns version, giving me hope that Tom Welling will get to play Superman in the next movie.  Of course I was hoping that Clark would get rid of his black Blur duds and become Superman in this episode, but I'm not too surprised that they weren't willing to give us that in the first episode.  And now they've set it up so he's got to earn it.  Well, I hope he earns it before the last episode.  Even if it's only two or three episodes before the last episode.

Lois:  Lois knows!  Lois knows!!  I was always a big fan of the relationship between Clark & Lois once he revealed he was Superman to her and they got engaged (and finally married), so I'm very happy to see this step being taken.  Loved that she deliberately tried to make him jealous of himself.  Here's hoping no amnesia episodes happen this year.

Chloe: Ooooh! Chloe becoming the new Dr. Fate?!?  This has some awesome potential.

Tess: Well she sure got better fast.  Eh, it wouldn't be a Smallville Season Premiere if something didn't go straight back to the status quo.

Lex: When he was first brought in as just the Angry Psycho Lex Clone, I didn't like him very much, and it felt like a soap opera ploy to bring Lex back without Michael Rosenbaum playing him.  But the scene where he gets to talk with Clark he was totally believable as an aged version of Michael Rosenbaum's Lex.  Mackenzie Gray got a lot of Rosenbaum's mannerisms down perfect, and I swear at one point it even looked like he had that little knob on the back of his head like Rosenbaum has.  That scene totally saved having a different actor stepping in as Lex for me.  If only he had said to Clark "...And you never once said 'thank you!'" the scene would have been perfect.

Green Arrow:  Well, he sure didn't get to do much except bleed all over the place.  And wait a minute, Chloe got him back in a prisoner exchange?  Who'd she give the other guys?  I don't like it when Chloe goes all dark...

Other things I really liked:  Clark flying, Cadmus (well, if you're going to have clones, Cadmus is perfect for it), Jonathan Kent being the Jonathan I liked from the comics (even if it is as a ghost), not seeing Metropolis General Hospital once, and of course that glimpse of something Dark at the end...

And lastly... watching the episode on cwtv.com:  online TV viewing has finally gone fully commercial.  My family got rid of our satellite dish earlier this year, so I've been watching all of my shows online since spring.  When I started watching shows online, the broadcasting website usually put in one commercial at each break.  (Often the same commercial, which got annoying fast.)  The CW upped it to 3 or 4 per break last year, but with Season 10 they went all out.  I counted no less than 9 commercials in one of the breaks, and at least two of those were full 30-second commercials.  Ahh, the classic days of television are here again.  Now I can run out to the kitchen to get a snack without having to pause the action.  Free commercial television has come full circle.

You can still watch this episode for free with commercials at http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/smallville/?tab=2 for a little while longer.  The CW does eventually take the episodes down; last year they would leave each episode up for two weeks, but they currently have 5 episodes up for watching.  Oddly enough, they don't have the next episode, "Shield," which aired last Friday.  Maybe they're holding back a week to give the pay services an edge?  Or maybe I'll have to pay for the next episode?  Tune in to It's Called Entertainment again next week and find out...

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