Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smallville - "Shield"

Spoiler Level: High

...or, come back tomorrow, where we learn that posted the next episode this morning!

Lots more comicy goodness; this week it's Deadshot, Cat Grant and the Suicide Squad.  I'm a bit disappointed that Deadshot didn't keep his red eye target thingie, but hey, at least he had it for his introduction.  Very happy about that.

Poor Michael Shanks, once again in a dusty tent going on about Egyptian Gods.  Seems he can't get away from it.  You could tell he was using Hawkman's more stoic and angry attitude as opposed to Daniel Jackson's enthusiastic rambling, but come on, it was scene straight out of Stargate, the deck was stacked against him-- how could I not think of him as Daniel in that scene?  But the conversations between Carter Hall and Lois Lane were great; Carter not pulling any punches about knowing Lois is talking about Clark (which is very refreshing for Smallville), and all the details about Hawkman's origins, totally consistent with his current portrayal in the comics.  Very, very nice indeed.

I also enjoyed Clark's coming to the conclusion that not only is he going to need to step out into the light, he's going to need to show his face when he does it.  The fact that they've been unwilling to put Clark (permanently) in glasses really does make it ridiculous that everyone won't just recognize him right off the bat; hopefully this means they'll be putting him in glasses soon.  (Okay, who's got money on it being in the last episode?)

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