Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Batman: Gotham Knight

Spoiler Level: Medium

A very dark yet very enjoyable anthology of short stories about Batman, all done in the vein of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

The animation is done by different anime studios, and while each one is done in a different style often with different looks, the changes never feel jarring.  And with this being anime, it truly is an OVA!

My favorite short is probably the first one, where four skaters exchange stories of the encounter they've just had with Batman, and each one sees him as something totally different;  a supernatural shadow, a living man bat, or a high tech mecha warrior.

While each short is self contained, there are small connections between them, which is part of what makes it fun.  It has some truly gory scenes, which isn't so fun, but drives home how terrifying a place Gotham is and what Bruce Wayne has been through.

So all in all, not my favorite DCU OVA, but still enjoyable.

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