Tuesday, January 25, 2011

K9 - ''Oroborus''

Spoiler Level: High

Another episode in the plus column.  Not great, but not bad, and definitely enjoyable.

Everyone is experiencing time distortions.  Once the distortions have passed, the people affected by them have lost a small bit of time.   K9 can tell the distortions are happening, but since he's being affecting by them as well he can't figure out the details of why they're happening.  Starkey seems to be the only one who can remember the missing segments of time. Professor Gryffen discovers it's because he's received alien immunizations, something only done by a controversial married scientist couple who disappeared years ago. They discover the culprit to the time distortions is an Oroborus, a snake that can eat time itself.

It's nice to get some clues to Starkey's past.  Darius is his usual antagonistic self, but doesn't come across as a jerk this time.  K9 doesn't get to save the day this time, but instead plays a great role as Starkey's friend and confidant, which makes him more endearing. (Although I hope he doesn't make laughing a regular thing; it doesn't really work on him.)

K9's score to date: 7 wins, 4 losses.

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