Sunday, January 9, 2011

K9 - "Dream-Eaters"

Spoiler Level: High

Hurray!  Another good episode of K9!!

In this episode, a recently uncovered monolith is emitting a signal that's put all of London to sleep and feeds off of their nightmares.  The monolith's avatar assembles an army of yawning, sleepy zombies to stop the only ones who haven't fallen under its spell-- K9 & Company!

It helps that this episode is played for laughs.  What's the best way to keep the signal from putting the gang to sleep?  Why tin foil hats, of course!  Jorjie wakes her mother by sharing a dream with her where she's gotten a tattoo with Darius's name on it.  K9 takes great delight in Darius's nightmares of clowns, which, let's face it, is pretty funny in its own right. And the sleepy zombies are just great.  And yes, when K9 does get to dream, he dreams of electric sheep.  How cool is that?

I realize the quality of this show does change dramatically from episode to episode, but really, I'm surprised it's not more popular.  It is a Doctor Who spin-off after all, and even if the BBC doesn't have any involvement it's still the same K9.  John Leeson still delivers a great performance for his voice. The effects are decent.  I've heard people complain about the acting, but it seems fine to me.  The character of Darius may be a bit annoying, but I rather like Starky, Jorjie and Professor Gryffen.

I've been getting quite a few hits for my reviews of K9, mostly because my screen captures seem to be some of the only ones on the web.  I had a tough time picking which picture I wanted to use this time, so in the spirit of giving this show a boost, here's a gallery of all the other K9 screen captures I made.  Enjoy!

K9 wakes Starkey
Can't sleep... Clowns will eat me.
Darius... Still Strange
Darius Acting Strange

Sleepy Zombies & Future London
Sleepy Zombies

Well, this would scare ANY parent.
Yes, Androids DO Dream of Electric Sheep.
Tin Foil Hats!
The Whole Gang with Tin Foil Hats.

K9 Flies Over Future London

K9 circles in for a landing

K9 on the ground
K9 Shoots

K9 Hovering
BONUS: K9 Growls at Darius
Starkey's Shirt Design

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