Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cape - "Kozmo"

Spoiler Level: High

The back story gets expanded this week as we learn the origin of The Cape's cape.  I had assumed it was just a trick cape for the circus acts; but no, it's actually the cape of Kozmo the Unkillable, a villain who used it for his own nefarious means and passed it on to his successor, who would then take on the role of Kozmo in a cycle that has lasted for generations.  Max had been the latest Kozmo and was training someone else to take over for him; but when he saw just how dark his apprentice was, he sold him out and decided to put Kozmo to rest.  Once Faraday came along, he saw the chance for the cape to be used for something better.  But now Max's apprentice is back, and he wants the cape back as well.

It fits in nicely with what I remember of the pilot episode, and gives Max a little more depth.  And Orwell finally meets up with the rest of the Carnival, so it's nice to see that progressing along.

And then there's the extra digging into Chess's past; the revelation that he has a lost daughter, and the implication that she's Orwell.  This actually comfirms suspicions I started to have last episode.  I usually make a few screen captures before I decided on which one I'm going to use here, and last week's effect of Chess's holographic chess board was pretty cool, so I did a few screen captures of that scene, and I noticed this:

See that picture in the lower right hand corner of him with a little girl?  I didn't catch it when I actually watched the episode.  So I saw it here and thought, "Hmm, he has a daughter... that'll probably become important.  Oh wait a minute, I bet that's what Orwell's all about!"  So it was neat to have been given this hint and then have it pretty much confirmed in the next episode.

I also liked that Faraday's wife is starting to piece together how he was framed.  That's got the potential for something good.

The episode did feel like it had a few holes in it from time to time, but nothing bad enough for me to quibble about.  Overall, The Cape continues to entertain.

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