Friday, January 28, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - ''Witches of the Mist''

Spoiler Level: Very High

See, now this is why the Sith set up the Rule of Two in the first place.  You get more than two Sith, and they all start turning on each other.

I'm actually surprised that neither Ventress nor Savage were killed in this episode.  Dooku is bulletproof of course, as he can't die until Revenge of the Sith. But Ventress is only bullet proof if this series is determined to stay consistent with the comics, and I think it's safe to say it isn't.  The only problem there would be if they killed her off here was Lucasfilm would have to come up with another explanation how she survived / returned from the dead to make the comics fit.

And speaking of returning from the dead... Savage's long-lost brother hiding in the outer rim is Darth Maul?  Really?  I know bacta tanks are good, but they can heal a guy who's been cut in half?  Well, we're at least meant to think he's Darth Maul... we'll see.  This is the Clone Wars, after all.

Kudos to the makers of the episode for acknowledging the whole Iridonia / Dathomir thing in the dialogue.  Still haven't referred to Savage's species as Zabraks that I've noticed, but at least they've addressed the discrepancy up front, which reassures me that they are paying some attention to this whole Expanded Universe they've built.

I also loved that the Toydarian ship that Anakin and Obi-Wan appropriated had it's entry hatch a good ten feet up in the air!  It makes sense for a species that flies around.  It's little touches like that that make me really love this series.

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