Thursday, January 20, 2011

Robotech - "To the Stars Special Edition" fanvid by Jaeson Koszarsky

The SDF-1 & SDF-2, together at last.  Composite by Jaeson Koszarsky.
Spoiler Level: High

Reba West, the voice actress for Minmei in Robotech, posted this little gem on her blog this week.  It's a fan-edit of the final episode of the first generation (aka The Macross Saga) which, if you're a Robotech fan, you know is a bit of a mess.  The dialogue refers to the new SDF-2 a lot.  The only problem is, there was no SDF-2 in the original footage.  So the finished product just left a lot of fans confused.  I explained events to a friend of mine like this:  Khyron sees the SDF-2, mistakes it for the SDF-1 and fires upon it, it's destroyed, then we cut to Lisa running through the halls of the SDF-1.  I honestly think that's what Harmony Gold and Carl Macek (or whoever wrote the actual script for that episode) intended.  But you really have to stretch your imagination for the scene to work.

Well, thank heavens for Jaeson Koszarsky.  Using modern composite technology, Jason has actually put the SDF-2 in to the footage.  Now it really, honestly works.  If I worked at Harmony Gold, I'd see what mountains I needed to move to make this the official version on all future Robotech releases.  (But knowing HG, they'll probably pull it from the web.)

The episode is posted below.  Jason Koszarsky has posted it as an entire episode, and I definitely recommend watching it that way, but the key moments are at 8:21 and then from 15:22 onward.  Great work, Jaeson!

Lisa launches SDF2 from jaesonk on Vimeo.

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

I just posted my Fish Heads AMV to vimeo today. It won the AMV contest at Setsucon this weekend.

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