Monday, January 17, 2011

DC Showcase: Green Arrow

Spoiler Level: Medium

I liked this "DC Showcase" the best out of the three they've made so far, but I would;  Green Arrow is more my speed than Jonah Hex or The Spectre.

It's a straight-forward super hero tale, with Ollie stumbling upon an assassination attempt and jumping in to protect a young princess.  It has great action scenes, and Green Arrow gets some nice witty dialogue, but at 11 minutes long there's not really room for much more than that.  Still, Green Arrow's personality manages to shine through, both in his dialogue and in his getting to use trick arrows!

I'll probably be watching the expanded version of this in two weeks when we get to see the Superman / Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam DVD, where it appears with expanded versions of "DC Showcase: Jonah Hex" and "DC Showcase: The Spectre."  Apparently they haven't announced any new DC Showcase shorts for the future DCU OVAs being planned, but I haven't given up hope.

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