Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 100 Science Fiction TV Series, Prelude

Io9 recently published a Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows of All Time, and for once I didn't completely disagree with a Top 100 list!  So it made me wonder, what would my own personal top 100 be?  So I started with io9's list, dropped anything I hadn't seen, added everything I could remember I'd seen, and then supplemented it with this awesome Wiklipedia list of SF shows of stuff I'd forgotten.

Along the way, I discovered that I felt I could fairly judge 144 shows.

Among those I couldn't fairly judge were a lot from my childhood in the 70's and early 80's that I couldn't remember a thing about, and a lot that I felt I haven't seen enough of to make a fair judgment.  Even those broke down into two sub-categories; shows that I'd only seen a few episodes of and really don't care to see more of, potentially putting them on the worst list; and shows that I just flat-out missed or had only seen a few episodes of but would be willing to see more of some day, potentially putting them on the best list.  So to be fair, everything on both of those lists are exempt.

In most cases I tried to only judge a show based on if I'd seen most of the episodes.   There are some cases where I'm sure I saw them all as kid, but haven't rewatched them since, yet I have a lot of positive memories of them, so those are included.  On the flip side, there's shows that I started watching and really enjoyed, and then hated the direction the show went in so I quit.  Even though I haven't seen all the episodes, the fact that my enjoyment of the show went so low that it made me quit watching is a judgment in itself.

My goal is to keep my positive attitude towards these shows, although complaints and criticisms will be in there, especially in the bottom shows.  With only 144 shows to choose from, the top 100 aren't all gems, but there are a lot of guilty pleasures.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I couldn't even come up with 10 Worst SF Shows.  I've only got 9.

So without further ado, here's the Top 9 Worst Shows (from absolute worst to least worst) and the 40 shows that you won't be seeing on my list (from what I'd like to see least to what I'd like to see most).  Come back tomorrow for Part 1: Shows 100-76!

(1) Lexx
(2) Galactica: 1980
(3) The Starlost
(4) Space Rangers
(5) Cleopatra 2525
(6) Time Trax
(7) Earth 2
(8) Team Knight Rider
(9) War of the Worlds


(41) Challenge of the GoBots
(40) Freddy's Nightmares
(39) Centurions
(38) Bionic Six
(37) Back to the Future: The Animated Series
(36) Transformers Armada
(35) Irresponsible Captain Tylor
(34) Probe
(33) Robocop (animated)
(32) Mr. Merlin
(31) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
(30) Eureka


(29) The X-Files
(28) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(27) Roughnecks: Starship Troopers
(26) Space: Above and Beyond
(25) Superboy
(24) ReBoot
(23) Aeon Flux
(22) Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
(21) Gemini Man
(20) Future Boy Conan
(19) The Man from Atlantis
(18) Robocop: The Series
(17) Ultra Seven
(16) Ultraman Tiga
(15) The Invisible Man (1975)
(14) Survivors
(13) Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
(12) Justice League
(11) Time Tunnel
(10) Moonbase 3
(9) Space Precinct
(8) Futurama
(7) UFO
(6) Ark II
(5) Jason of Star Command
(4) Galaxy Railways
(3) FlashForward
(2) K-9
(1) Stargate Universe

Come back tomorrow for Part 1: Shows 100-76!


greatplaidmoose said...

Just a note: Newsarama just listed its top 10 Sci-Fi shows of all time.

Fer said...

Very nice list! Can't say that I can really argue with anything on theirs except for the new Galactica. But I know the world loves that show, so I can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

I've just been watching Lexx recently & it is no where near being 'the worst'. It's absolute breath of fresh air after I plodded through Farscape. The characters have interesting backgrounds & act true to them & there are some proper sci-fi plots (unlike shows like Deep Space Nine & Next Generation). Each character is an individual instead of them all acting like the same deranged, over-emotional person like on Farscape.
Very surprised to see Lexx in the worst list, especially since there is so much bad sci-fi that could go there like all the shows that aren't even sci-fi but claim to be so like 'Lost'. Then all the waste of time ones that just seem to be about Americans but with lots of make-up on having heart-hearts all the time like in ALL the versions of Star Trek except the original.
Then there are the obvious ones - the cheap imitation, remakes like the New Battle Star Galactica & the New Doctor Who.
All the Stargates, Andromeda, Primeval, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9 - See, so many crap shows & you picked on Lexx. Come on.

Fer said...

Thanks for the feedback! Lexx seems to be one of those "love it or hate it" shows, and after watching two episodes, I really hated it. When I was making that list I thought that maybe that's not giving it a fair chance, but then I realized that if I hated watching it so much that I couldn't bring myself to sit through a third episode, then it had to go on my worst list.

But it's just a matter of personal taste. I personally loved Farscape, as well as Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, Stargate, Primeval, Sarah Jane Adventures and especially the new Doctor Who. You and I are just entertained by different things, and that's a good thing-- if every show was like Farscape you'd be unhappy, and if every show was like Lexx I'd be unhappy. Variety is always good.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog!