Thursday, November 27, 2008

Casino Royale

I missed this one when it came out in the theaters, and I really wanted to see it because I usually really like James Bond movies. Now that Quantum of Solace is out and is a direct sequel, I wanted to see it even more so I'd be prepared if I get a chance to go to the theaters. Dave bought Casino Royale and loaned it to me, and Jim (aka Pop-Pop) was visiting for Thanksgiving, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity, since Pop-Pop is a big James Bond fan.

I have to admit, we weren't very impressed. I was okay with this rebooting the Bond mythology in the current era, and I understand that we're seeing Bond grow into the Bond we already know, but it was just too lacking in what I consider elements essential to a Bond film. Where's the wit? Where's the charm? Where's the clever thinking? This film has a good chase through a construction site and a good shoot-out in a sinking house in Venice, but it wasn't anything I couldn't have seen in a general action movie.

Everyone is saying that Quantum of Solace isn't as good as Casino Royale, so if this is considered the better of the two then it really doesn't inspire me to want to run out and see the new one.

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