Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome to Fer's Forum

(With apologies to Richard Franklin...)

Hello, and welcome to Fer's Forum. Tonight on Fer's Forum, we examine the line "I think reading fanboy blogs on the internet is like throwing up your liver."

A simile is used in the previous sentence comparing the reading of blogs on the internet written by fanboys to vomiting of one of the major organs-- specifically, the liver. Why the liver? Well, fanboy blogs are very much like the liver. Both are full of poisonous, toxic things filtered from the larger body as a whole, metaphorically speaking, although perhaps not digestible, as it was puked all over the carpet.

Which raises another important question: is this your own liver, as the sentence would at first seem to indicate, or perhaps dinner that just didn't agree with you, or wasn't properly cooked?

Now let's take a look at the words "I think."

This indicates either brain activity, or that this in fact an opinion, and not to be analyzed by a pompous, know-it-all bastard like me.


....Okay, now that I've gotten my inside joke out of the way, what I seriously intend to use Fer's Forum for at the time being is simply to review what I watch and read. Because I just know you couldn't live without knowing what I thought of the last episode of Clone Wars.

On the plus side, I intend to keep them all very brief, and will probably forget about this project by Thanksgiving.

I may cross-post personal stuff on here too, but mostly I'll save that for my MySpace blog.

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