Thursday, November 27, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Exile by Aaron Aliston

Oh, Jacen, Jacen, Jacen. You keep breaking my heart.

Nice to see Ben is starting to realize that there are some flaws in Jacen's teachings. I now have some hope that Jacen's not going to be able to drag Ben down with him. (Although that Sith ship at the end is a rather ominous portent for Ben, as well.)

And -- I can't help it -- as much as I like Mara Jade, I always loved Shira Brie. I would never want her to steal Luke away from Mara, but the thirteen-year-old fanboy part of me that tried to photocopy all her stories into a Shira Brie graphic novel still has hope that she can be turned back to the light and become an ally.

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