Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Geeky Terminator Nightmare

I had an ongoing nightmare last night-- "ongoing" as in one of those nightmares where it scares you awake, you fall back asleep, and you're right back into the same nightmare.

I was dreaming that Terminators were trying to kill me. It was worse than the movies or shows ever portrayed it though, because of how computerized our society is.

Anytime I showed my face where a security camera could see me, or even said my name or any of my friends' names out loud where it could be recorded, it would become a part of that camera's digital records. Since Skynet was in the future, all it had to do was look in those computer records and it knew every single instance of where I was. So anytime my face was caught on camera or I said a name aloud, bam, there was a Terminator trying to kill me. So I was constantly running and hiding and being attacked, with Terminators roaming around everywhere.

These dreams went on for about four hours, until Joy got up to go to a Doorbuster sale this morning and I was able to talk with her a little bit, and finally fell back asleep thinking of kitties and McGriddles.

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