Friday, November 7, 2008

Knight Rider - "Knight of the Living Dead"

Now this is more like it! Billy dresses as Captain Jack Harkness!! Lots of talk about KARR!! And a lot of... well... okay, maybe not really any more characterization, but at least there was some, and Carrie got to actually do something.

On the plus side, anyone else getting the vibe that this show is starting to act like the old show didn't happen? The talk of KARR's backstory could be made to fit with what we know from the old show, but there was no mention or image of Karr's original Trans-Am body. and they acted like the original KITT doesn't exist. ("There are three computers like that... KITT, KITT's back-up, and KARR.") And I read that David Hasslehoff has said they didn't want to use him on the show as Mike Knight's father. Has this show taken a left turn into re-imagining?

Either way, I'm very excited at the prospect of them bringing KARR back. Between that and the Captain Jack references, I may just keep this episode.

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