Friday, November 7, 2008

Knight Rider - "Knight of the Hunter"

There's a reason why I only watch this show while I'm folding laundry, and this episode is it. Some nice enough adventure, but I always feel like the characterization from the TV movie got left behind. They've really done nothing with the FBI lesbian agent. And while I always enjoy the excuses they come up with to make the female leads take off their clothes, I have to wonder, would Mike have been insisting they needed to hold on to each other naked to hold off hypothermia if the other agent had been a guy? (Somehow, I kinda' doubt it.) And why on earth do they have a whole subplot on it being Sarah's birthday and not have her father in the episode once?

But on the positives, it was some fun action, it was neat seeing KITT get blown up in mid-transformation, and it was fun watching Mike and the other agent cuddling naked.

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