Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Downfall of a Droid"

Steve was right. Lots of droids. Fer is one happy fanboy.

It seems pretty obvious to me that R3-S6 (aka "Goldie" aka "Stubby") has been programmed by the Separatists. He's not just making mistakes, he's doing exactly what the enemy would want. It's one of those cases where it should be pretty obvious to Anakin.

But he is still a cool looking astromech and even cute in his expressions... it's amazing how the animators can convey an astromech shrugging and looking happy or sad without it being a caricature animation style like Nelvana's Droids series was. I'm looking forward to Hasbro putting out a R3-S6 toy. :)

(Although I thought R3s were supposed to have clear domes? Ah well, R4s aren't supposed to have domes at all...)

And IG assassin droids in action!! How cool is that. I have no idea what IG-88's origin is (beyond that the IG series killed their creators as soon as they were switched on), so I wonder if the one that was spaced is meant to become IG-88?

This is a fun show.


UPDATE: I just got an IG-86 action figure from this episode. So if IG-86 is one of the ones that was destroyed, then it stands to reason that the other one that got destroyed was IG-87, and the one that got whooshed out the airlock was indeed IG-88!

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