Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heroes - "It's Coming"

Thinking about last week's episode during the week, I came up with a theory about how Arthur Patrelli's power works. I don't want to say it yet in case I'm right. But what happened with Sylar (or should I say Gabriel?) this week fit in with it perfectly.

Well, I guess letting Elle (try to) kill him over and over counts as trying to repent. That scene went a long way toward redeeming him for me.

Not quite sure about the left turn Hiro & Ando's story has taken. Hiro is always likeable, and I guess his attempt to infiltrate Pinehurst has been blown anyway, but I hope this regression to 10 turns out to be relevant. Hiro's comments in the comics shop were great.

(On a total tangent here, I used to let my imagination wander down that road when I'd get bored at work. What would it be like to sit my 10-year-old self in front of my DVD shelf or my toy collection? I'm sure I'd be absolutely blown away by how much Star Trek there was to watch, not to mention my Teen Titans action figures. I wish everyone who says "The Star Wars prequels ruined my childhood" could actually go back to their childhood like Hiro has and watch them with their 10-year-old perspective. Because then, either it would show that the only reason they disliked them is because they're now jaded 30-and-40-somethings... or they actually WOULD ruin their childhood, and it would become be a valid bitch. End of tangent.)

...and Joy and I were debating how the 9th Wonders comic could be showing that scene. Just how many issues did Isaac Mendez put out before he died? Wouldn't the timeline have been changed after he died? Is the future always in flux, allowing people to paint alternate futures, or is there only one future until it's changed? Just what happened to that Irish chick that got left in the future? Do I overthink these things?

To Be Continued...

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