Friday, November 7, 2008

Smallville - "Bloodline"

Well, Smallville's hitting its mid-season slump. I was really hoping we wouldn't get it this year since they've changed creative teams. So far it's not so bad that Dave's gonna be saying "I told you so," but Clark's back to being Dick Clark to everyone again.

I do like what they're doing with Davis, bringing in more and more Doomsday elements with him. This could be good. It's still tied to Doomsday being a Kryptonian creation and that every death makes him reborn even stronger. In a way I might even like this version better, as that origin felt forced on the character after he became popular in the comics-- here, it's become foreshadowing and the way of introducing the character.

And I'm glad they gave some resolution to Kara! I hope this means we'll see more of her. (Although didn't she and John Jones not get along? I thought Clark sending her to him didn't really fit. Did they make up at some point and I don't remember it?)


Nathal said...

hi there!

greatplaidmoose said...

I disagree about it hitting a slump but I know Clark coping an "holier-than-thou" attitude has always bothered you more than it has me. Often his suggestions are good advice and his criticisms genuine but as in real life, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I hope it doesn't get to you too badly because while they do have some work to do still on characterization, I think the story arc is excellent this season. It feels like things are moving along and they aren't constantly repeating themselves.

BTW Faora is a comic book phantom zone villain who appeared during the Silver Age and the early Modern Age. She inspired Richard Donner in the creation of Ursa for the Superman movies.

Fer said...

Yeah, I thought I recognized the name. I remember reading a Superboy comic and being confused that the woman with Zod was someone who wasn't Ursa.

And yeah, I totally agree this year has been much much better. Without Lana we've had a lot less repetition. Good stuff.