Monday, December 1, 2008


I have to confess, I wasn't really excited about going to see Spamalot. The recent trend to take a movie, insert a bunch of songs, and then rerelease it as a musical just doesn't inspire me. I saw the film of the musical version of The Producers and while I enjoyed it, I felt the songs had just been shoe-horned in there and made the story feel like it ran too long.

Not so with Spamalot. This is remade in the same way The Hitchhikker's Guide to the Galaxy was remade over and over-- we see many of the same things happen and many of our favorite jokes are in there, but the story is completely reworked to better suit its new medium. Characters have new beginnings and new endings, events are tied together in completely different ways, and even the songs you think you know get a twist. And it really, really works. There were my favorite jokes that I knew to expect, and a whole bunch of fresh new laughs too. Great stuff.

And Mylene got herself a killer rabbit puppet, which Danielle should be sending me a picture of soon. :)