Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heroes - "The Eclipse: Part 2"

At last, I have my answer about the 9th Wonder comics! They were drawn by Isaac Mendez and are being published posthumously. Which makes me wonder, if Mendez was able to make enough issues to cover everything that happened for a season and a half after he died, then that means that he knew that the future he originally saw was going to get changed, which meant none of this is actually changing the future, because the future was supposed to be changed, which means it's all a fixed timeline! THERE IS NO FREE WILL!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Oh yeah... I should probably comment on the actual show itself, huh?

I enjoyed it enough, although I didn't think you needed to be a comic geek to say "Umm, wait and see what happens after the eclipse ends." Nathan's deciding to join up with his father based on what went down in Haiti seemed rational enough. But Sylar's deciding "No, I'm a bad guy at heart" felt forced to me, like they've been trying real hard to make me understand him and make him likeable, and now they've just decided to throw it away and go back to status quo. We'll see where it goes next week.


greatplaidmoose said...

I still find it unbelievable that Isaac could get that far ahead on a comic book and stockpile the issues because that's unheard of in that profession. But maybe that's what made him a super-hero. ;)

Despite what most people have said, I think this season has been excellent except these two episodes. The time travel/precognition thing as you said no longer makes sense since they've changed the future numerous times since Isaac's death and Sylar's very sudden conversion back to evil was forced. I expected him to go back to evil actually but it should have been more gradual. Unfortunately all the negative criticism seems to have the shows writers and producers in panic mode and now they really are starting to screw up. They should have more confidence in their product and stay the course and ignore the internet because its largely made up of a lot of people who loathe nearly everything they watch habitually. Now the producers are freaking out and trying to "fix" things as they've said in several interviews to please a group of people who especially at this point can not be pleased because they've already made their minds up that Heroes=suck. Nothing the writers can do will change that mindset because its written in stone.

Fer said...

Yeah, and unfortunately since the writers don't seem to be naturally part of The Royal Geekdom, I don't think they realize how "The Fans" turn. Paying attention to what people post on blogs is only going to make things worse on them.

I wish they'd pay attention to what I'm saying on this blog and stop paying attention to what people say on their blogs.

Another time travel plot point that seems to have vanished: Hiro seeing Ando killing him in the future. They started building on how this rift between them was going to come about, and then poof, Hiro tricks She-Flash into thinking he killed Ando, and all is forgiven between them. Not that I liked seeing Hiro treat Ando so unfairly, but I was interested in seeing how that story played out.