Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - "Alpine Fields"

Another self-contained episode, or at least it would seem so on the surface of it. I really liked Lauren Fields, so hopefully this episode was laying ground work for her character.

I also liked that this makes two episodes in a row where we see different T-888s going after two targets that aren't John Connor.

So now Lauren and Sydney will be living the hide-and-wait lifestyle that Sarah & John are living. Once again, a family who was happily living their lives oblivious to what the future held now know and are preparing for it. It occurs to me that in trying to erase any resistance to itself, Skynet is actually creating it. It would be really cool if Lauren showed up later in the series building her own resistance team.

My one nitpick: Cameron can identify a T-888 from a photograph, but she can't identify that Roger wasn't a T-888 when he's right in front of her? I'll chalk this one up to her being frazzled and recovering from her shutdown...


greatplaidmoose said...

Maybe Cameron could identify the T-888 in the photo because she saw him before in the future and was familar with that model.

Fer said...

OK, that makes sense, so I can see how that would help her identify the T-888 from the photograph.

But still, she went hand-to-hand with the Terminator that was after the Fields, so shouldn't she have been able to identify that this guy was the wrong height, weight, what have you as the guy she was just fighting? I guess I just feel like we've seen her "terminator vision" diagnose things so precisely that I have a hard time accepting her killing the guy by accident. But I realize that's just me being nit-picky.