Monday, December 1, 2008

South Park - "The China Probrem"

I don't plan on commenting on South Park regularly in this blog, but having just watched this episode, I just want to say this to all of fandom subculture...

Can we please stop comparing movies we don't like to being raped?

Thank you.

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greatplaidmoose said...

I second this motion. Everybody these days feels like they have to go for hyperbole or a soundbyte when they don't like something. Its getting really old. I may not like the new Star Trek movie when it comes out but I'm not going to say it "raped my childhood". I still can go back and rewatch my old Treks just fine.

Also, I want to add that y'know most movies are by definition, average. There is a middle ground between "the best movie ever!" and "it sucks". For example, I just watched the Transformers movie. I thought it was just ok. But I realize I'm not a big Transformers fan, never have been but I'm comfortable saying it was ok.