Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heroes - "Our Father"

Not bad, and it's nice to see that the story may be circling back to that little preview we had of Ando getting powers again.

Still a bit disappointed that Sylar can switch back and forth from trying to be good to just being toally evil again. Maybe it's because of the hunger-- sometimes all it takes is the right push for you to fall off the wagon and be knee-deep back into your addiction.

Oh, Hiro. He's managed to have all three parts of the formula in his posession, and then have them all snatched up by Arthur Petrelli before the episode ends. Little dissapointed in you there, Hiro.

And my biggest complaint about this episode-- how the hell did Arthur go back in time?!? I mean, seriously, the whole plot hinged on him being able to do that, and I have absolutely no memory that he could do that. He certainly didn't get it from stealing Hiro's power, because he had to already go back in time to steal it. Did I miss something? Can someone point it out to me if I did?

Other than that, I still enjoyed it. I loved the scenes of Claire and Hiro with their younger selves, and especially Claire being able to tell her father "You're going to have her for at least 16 years, it's okay to love her." If only all parents could get such reassurances that our kids will live good, happy lives.

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greatplaidmoose said...

Arthur Petrelli had a lot of powers because he stole Peter's powers who had the powers of every hero/villain he had come in proximity with. So there isn't much he couldn't do. I suspect that's why he hasn't drained anybody else since Peter. But that raises the question if he had Peter's powers and therefore Claire's is he really dead from a gunshot wound? Hmmm.

Fer said...

Well Peter and Hiro did spend time together, so I'll buy that. I don't remember Peter using Hiro's power much but that's probably just my bad memory, and it would be logical that he had it.

I do remember Claire not recovering from her head wound until the branch was removed from her head. I think that's why Angela said Arthur needed to be shot in the back of the head... which of course he wasn't. Hmmm.

I also noticed that when the "lie detector" power was used with everyone else, the camera jumped left-to-right. When Sylar used it on Arthur, the camera jumped up-and-down. Hmmmmmm.