Thursday, December 25, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Inferno by Troy Denning

Finally, the tide begins to turn. Although no one realizes yet that he's actually become Darth Caedus, Lord of the Sith, everyone at least realizes that the man they knew as Jacen has become so dark that they can't find anything left in him to try to turn back to the light, and the fight against him has truly begun.

The pain of watching Jacen slowly be torn apart over the last five books is gone; now it's just a question of when the Jedi realize they're fighting the Sith again, how they're going to take him out, and if he'll drag Ben down with him.

Along those lines, I found it fascinating to see Caedus try to take the role of Vergere with Ben. It was twisted enough when Vergere did it to Jacen; seeing Caedus try to recreate it now seemed not only more twisted, but almost pitiful on Caedus's part. I always felt that Vergere had reached a point where she saw the bigger picture of the Force, the galaxy, and everyone's place in it, and that it was something of a balance between light and dark. Caedus's attempt to emulate her comes across as a total failure, as if he's embraced the Sith perspective so completely that he's lost the balance that Vergere had, but is so convinced of his being right that he'll never see it.

I may be misinterpreting what Troy Denning was going for; this series is definitley painting Vergere as if she was an out-and-out Sith all along and we just never knew it, and that this was her master plan all along, to turn Jacen into Darth Caedus. I suppose it fits, but I can't accept the idea that anything's that black and white when it comes to Vergere.

I was also intrigued about the Sith group that Alema found; they fit perfectly with the group of Sith led by Darth Krayt in the Legacy comics. But since I had assumed that Mara must have been pregnant with Kol Skywalker during New Jedi Order and it turned out to be Ben, I'm not assuming anything anymore.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm going to go into hiding from the internet now until I get to see "The Next Doctor."

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