Monday, December 8, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - "Infection"

Good concept and decent characterization, but not carried through very well. I liked seeing how the overall arc progressed with Todd and the attempt to "cure" the Wraith, but I hate it when the characters don't see the obvious (see my previous Clone Wars review).

"Dr. Keller's gene therapy... disease... help us..."
Well, it seems immediately obvious to me that they tried the gene therapy and it resulted in a disease, so they're hoping you'll be able to cure it. Yet it takes our heroes 10 minutes to figure this out?

"Colonel, the wall in front of me is melting... ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!"
Well, gee, it seems immediately obvious to me that the ship is rearranging itself. Yet it takes our heroes about 5 minutes to figure this out...

"Why are all these malfunctions happening?!?"
Well, let's see, it seems immediately obvious to me that since Wraith ships are organic that maybe your ship has caught the disease?!? At least in this case they asked the question right before the commercial break and got the answer right after they came back. So I guess they're catching on quicker.

So all in all, a few good elements, but not a very good episode.

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