Thursday, December 11, 2008

Macross Frontier #17: "Goodbye Sister"

Damn, they got me good on this one!

That scene where the pilot looks into Ozma's cockpit and gasps... my heart lept into my throat, and I just thought, how could I have not seen the signs? Episode 17? Pineapple cake? "Goodbye, Sister," for crying out loud?!? Oh no, don't be... but they always do this in anime, the mentor always dies... OMG, look at all that blood! Oh Ozma...

And then we cut to the hospital with Luca saying "If he'd died, it would have been incredibly emotional, huh?" and I damn near fell off my chair laughing. I should have known better... this is Macross Frontier. Nothing's going to go exactly the same.

They got me good.

I also continue to love how Fire Bomber is "oldies" music. I feel that way around the new breed of otaku sometimes.

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