Thursday, December 4, 2008

Macross Frontier #16: "Ranka Attack"

I may have to revise my theory on the last episode. I had assumed that Grace and Brera were part of the Vajra; now I get the feeling they're manipulating them just as much as the people of the Macross Frontier.

I love fanwank. Throw in lots of references to Minmei and Basara and I am one happy little fanboy. I loved seeing the bridge crew argue over which one of them was more outdated. And it's interesting to see poor trusting little Ranka wondering if using her voice in battle is really for the greater good.

Also, it looks like Brera is going to stretch our love triangle in new directions. And that VF-27 he flies is one sleek piece of mecha.

Also liked the new end titles a lot.

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