Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doctor Who - "The Next Doctor"

Okay, to be fair, this probably isn't go to air in America for a loooong time. I know Rich hasn't seen it as of this writing, but I don't know about Jonathan, although I do know he tends to see them before they air here in the US. So Jonathan, if you haven't seen it yet, skip this blog. (Oh, and thank you very much for the nice Christmas card.)

Okay, so that takes care of my two readers. To anyone else... MAJOR-ASS SPOILER ALERT.

I mean, I really didn't want to find out anything about this episode. With David Tennant leaving after these specials, the stage was perfectly set for the Doctor to actually meet his future self. So I didn't want to know who the next Doctor was going to be until after I saw it. I mean, the big suspense is, is he really the next Doctor, or is he a fake? And if we find out the actor taking over for Tennant is David Morrisey, then we know he is, and the suspense is gone. If we find out the next actor isn't David Morrisey, then we know he isn't, and once again the suspense is gone.

So, from the moment this episode finished airing in the UK until my friend showed up with a copy to watch, I avoided the internet. Just in case.

And I succeeded!! I got to watch the episode without knowing!!

So it really wouldn't be fair if I spoiled it for you.

So know you have been really, really, really warned.

Okay... so...

Woah! How about that CyberKing?!? Man that was freaking cool. Although I suspect that has to seriously rewrite history. I wonder if they'll mention it in a future episode? You know, just have a regular guy from the 21st century make an off-hand comment about the CyberKing from 1851...

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